Satsuki Thornton Bio

Satsuki has been a licensed hairstylist and Makeup Artist since 1992. Her work featured in Black Hair Magazine and Salon profiles just to name a few.

Satsuki is a full time Hairstylist and a freelance Makeup Artist. She has worked with Brides, photographers, hairstylist, short film producers and projects, models, rappers, aspiring actors, Fashion Shows and small entertainment companies. She has done Makeup and hair for beauty companies such as Design Essentials and Nairobi product lines. She worked with DC Fashion Week 2010, Baltimore Fashion Week 2011 and New York Fashion Week 2012.

Makeup has become her passion and the passion continues to grow. Satsuki can create a clean beauty look on anyone with the niche of creating the ultimate smokey eye. Satsuki's passion for the beauty industry lies in her desire to create limitless contrast and structure to any canvas.

With Satsuki as your Makeup/Hairstylist you will not be dissapointed!

About Satsuki
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